Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Melbourne launch: The Art of Reading

Yesterday evening we launched The Art of Reading at Readings Carlton. (By the way, Readings just won Bookseller of the Year 2016 at the London Book Fair. Kudos to all.)

All the seats were filled, which was nice--nicer still that the crowd seemed really engaged by Martin McKenzie-Murray's excellent questions. (He had, I note, actually read the book about reading.)

We spoke about my childhood, 'reader' as an identity, my own obscure prejudices, my books for children, and more.

Audience questions included: contemporary novelists who continue to affect me (I named Deborah Levy); a high school English teacher who reflected on the challenges of encouraging enthusiasm with teenagers; and an observation from Alison Croggon on my childhood discovery of being a reader, not a writer (I said it was weird, given my egotism, that I came to 'writer' late).

A fantastic night: many thanks to Marty, my friends, a great audience, my publishers MUP, and the award-winning Readings.

If you'd like to know more, join me Sunday for my 'secular sermon' on reading at Federation Square.

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