Monday, March 28, 2016

Out today: The Art of Reading

My latest nonfiction book, The Art of Reading, is out today.

It's a celebration of reading--not as a simple skill, but as a virtuous pursuit: something to be done with patience, courage, curiosity and so on.

It's also a grateful nod to the vital role of reading in my own life, from Sherlock Holmes and Batman, to Virginia Woolf and Iris Murdoch.

You can pick it up in all good bookshops or online in paperback or ebook.

Some praise so far:
' ethics of attention towards the written word.... [A]n eminently readable, rousing and hugely intelligent account.' - The Australian 
' excellent argument for why reading is desirable for its own sake.' - Bookseller+Publisher  
'[N]uanced, articulate... the book illuminates the many prejudices and habits that a reader can have--and how fluid they are.' - The Big Issue 
'A beautifully written and thoughtfully constructed ode to the inner worlds opened up by the page, and the role of reading in the discovery and development of the self. The Art of Reading is just what I needed to remind me I am neither alone - nor irrational - in my bibliophilia.’ - Tara Moss, author of The Fictional Woman  
'A compelling riff on the best kind of reading - with unfettered curiosity and courage.' - Hilary McPhee, author, editor and publisher

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