Sunday, March 20, 2016

Melbourne Launch: My Sister is a Superhero

Who is this "Damon Young"? I am IRON FIST.
Yesterday I launched my third children's book, My Sister is a Superhero, at The Little Bookroom in Carlton.

I dressed up as Iron Fist, the kung-fu superhero powered by chi: a kind of vital energy. Ruth was the Winter Soldier, complete with Soviet mechanical arm. Nikos was Red Hood: the vigilante persona of old Robin, Jason Todd (killed by the Joker, then brought back to life). And Sophia was Hawkgirl, the martial spirit of an ancient Egyptian priestess. (Obviously.)

Nikos as Red Hood
Red Hood and Winter Soldier Ruth
cross universes to fight evil
Superhero downtime: Nikos and Hawkgirl Sophia

We began with a quiz, in which I asked FIENDISH questions like 'Does Batman have ears on his suit?' (The consensus was "no", but I enlightened the audience.)

Then I gave a quick art demonstration, showing how to draw the superhero sister. (And showing, at the same time, why Peter Carnavas is the illustrator.)

This man is not an illustrator
Then it was time for a reading of My Sister is a Superhero, and all the kids joined in to yell 'SUPERHERO!' with me.

Pretend superhero reading actual superhero book
We finished with an encore reading of My Nanna is a Ninja, a door prize (Wonder Woman cape and mask), and signings.

Book signer, unmasked
Once again, a glorious afternoon -- thanks to The Little Bookroom, University of Queensland Press, my family for coming along and dressing up, and all the kids for their enthusiasm (and heckling).

I'll be launching it in Brisbane next month, at Where the Wild Things Are, 20th April.

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