Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Sister is a Superhero: OUT TODAY

Bamm! Thwack! Shazammm!

My Sister is a Superhero is released today. It's my third children's picture book with illustrator Peter Carvanas, and I'm thrilled to see it out in the world, cape rippling in the breeze.

A few early reviews are in:
This is a rhyming fun filled frolic from the creators of My Nanna is a Ninja and My Pop is a Pirate. Another wacky celebration of diverse personalities infused with familial love and an ending that will warm your heart.
Carnavas’ delightful ink pen and watercolour pictures conjure four active sisters (the quirkiest being a superhero) from Young’s rich and smooth poetry – combining to produce a double shot of humour. Each sister is accompanied by her own animal ‘sidekick.’ It’s impossible to read this book without a smile on your face and a chuckle in your chest. 
- The Children's Book Council of Australia 
Damon Young's wackily inventive rhyming text is perfectly matched by Peter Carnavas's character-filled illustrations. [...] This is a gorgeous bedtime story, or anytime story. - Kids Book Review  
This picture book for young readers is the third book in what has proved to be a much-loved series celebrating the diversity of family. [...] Damon Young...writes this fun-to-read book in rhyming verse with lots of alliteration...which is excellent for reading aloud to children from 3 years and up. [...] The watercolour illustrations [by] Peter Carnavas...are light and bright and full of joyous fun. 
- Buzz Words magazine

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