Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy tenth birthday Nikos

Just over a decade ago, Ruth and I did a thing. Well, Ruth did most of the thing. But it was a shared thing. (Nowadays, you might call it a 'project'.)

Anyway, Nikos was born. It was sublime: frightening, overwhelming, beautiful. (I wrote this twee poem about it.) Parenthood still is all of these things, with the customary ballast of banality.

Now our boy is ten, and it's a pleasure to witness the slow unfolding of his personality. There's the franchise-talk, of course -- see the glee above, as he visits Lobo's Collectibles in Northcote. But we also enjoy the moments of reflection, on mortality, intimacy, artistry. We nod at the stuttering fury in his condemnation of injustice; his anger at cynical border policy, for example.

Thank you Nikos, you gangly smartarse, for another year of your company.

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