Thursday, September 10, 2015

Story Arts Festival 2015

 Under attack at the Ninja Book Party (Photo: Megan Daley)
I've just returned from my final festival of 2015: Story Arts, in Queensland.

Wearing only my children's author hat, I tripped to a toasty Ipswich to run nine workshops for schoolkids, and muck around at a party.

With illustrator Peter Carnavas, I spoke about My Pop is a Pirate to groups of 80-90, ages 5-10.

'Hands up if you're losing your voice'
Damon and Peter draw...A CIRCLE
They learned about poetic sense, rhyme, metre and detail from me, and illustration from Pete. They also giggled and yelled at our shenanigans, and their own drawings.

On Tuesday night, we jumped into a Ninja Book Party with Tony Flowers, performing for a very excited bunch of preschoolers and primary schoolers. Organised by Megan Daley, it was a riot of screams, gross jokes and cupcakes with Very Red Icing

The Seven Samurai lost four warriors but gained a ukulele -
With Pete Carnavas and Tony Flowers (Photo: Megan Daley)
A philosopher and his henchmen (Photo: Megan Daley)
As always, it was a thrill to meet the readers, listen to their cackles, and dodge their tackles.

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