Saturday, August 1, 2015

Exercise and the mind with Brian Lehrer (NY)

I look like this after midnight
This morning I spoke to New York's Brian Lehrer about my How to Think About Exercise.

As it was 1am in Melbourne, I was simultaneously wired and weary. But Brian was welcoming and well informed, and the callers were spot on with their comments and questions.

Speaking of which, one caller I didn't reply to was Cece the dancer, who was 'pigeonholed', she said, as 'dumb' because of her vocation.

This is a serious problem, and it's the equally pathological complement of the 'weak geek' stereotype: agile, strong, fast bodies, who're expected to shrug off their intellect. The danger, particularly with professional sportspeople, is that they live up to this; they lower their cognitive ambition, and accept their role as thick bodies without minds.

Three cheers for professionals like Cece who exemplify a fuller ideal.

You can listen to my conversation with Brian here.

(Photo: Kevin Dooley)

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