Thursday, April 16, 2015

Philosophy Salon: Nietzsche

Not pictured: Übermensch
Last night I hosted another philosophy salon for The School of Life.

This time it was held at Shebeen, a café/bar that sends profits to overseas development projects.

The evening's star was Friedrich Nietzsche. I discussed the will to power, Superman and eternal recurrence.

Some good questions about Nietzsche's elitism, the relationship between his illness and his ideas, and his motives for writing. Given his suspicion of followers, and contempt for the 'herd', why did he put so much of himself into his work?

There was also discussion of Nietzsche's working habits -- some of which I detail in Philosophy in the Garden -- and the ties, if any, between Nietzsche and My Nanna is a Ninja.

The evening was sold out, but the next salon on David Hume is on 13th May.

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