Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Launch: My Pop is a Pirate

With my hardy buccaneer, Sophia
This weekend we launched my second children's picture book, My Pop is a Pirate.

Again hosted by the marvellous Little Bookroom in Carlton North, we had a hearty afternoon of piratical fun.

Gestures of piracy: the YES
and the NO
It began with a quiz, in which the audience had to run to one of two signs: YES or NO.

I asked fiendishly hard questions about pirates, like 'Did they fly helicopters?' and 'Did pirate flags have skulls and bananas?' (Nikos played sceptic and answered '...that we know of...' and 'perhaps'.)

The quiz also involved me dancing around like a drunk monkey with its limbs tied together.

Then it was time for a reading, and all of the kids joined in to yell 'pirate' as I said it.

Listening for the cry, 'PIRATE!'
There was a marvellous face-painter, who decorated kids with rainbows, pirate flags, lightning strikes and Elsa from Frozen.

Deathstroke and his curls
Nikos (of course) asked for a Deathstroke mask.

There was also some excellent dress-up, including Tucker who rocked some impressive pirate haute couture.

As always, Leesa from The Little Bookroom was entertaining, leading a rousing pirate singalong and thankyou.

There were also chocolate bunny pirates, which were handed out with a generosity perhaps missing in your average sea dog.

I closed the day by signing a stack of books, and then changing out of my cerise outfit of doom.

Signing the stack (note box of chocolate treasure)

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