Friday, January 30, 2015

Yoga Classes and Yoga Asses (Psychology Today)

My latest Psychology Today piece is up: 'There's More to Yoga Than a Yoga Butt'. A sample:
The point is not that we have literally touched ultimate reality; that we have special knowledge of the cosmos. Instead, this state of mind is a break from ordinary perception: for a little while, we can leave our ordinary categories behind. The experience of being ‘unborn, unchanging, and unsullied by all objects’, as the Katha Upanishad puts it, is a relief from our ties to the world. 
This, in turn, can be extraordinarily therapeutic. We leave the yoga school, not simply with better core muscles or flexible joints, but with a little distance from our everyday assumptions. The usual stressors, to which we are so tightly attached, are loosened.
In short, yoga and other meditations (these needn't be religious) allow us to step back and reconsider things. But instead of simply affording the abstract idea of distance, they encourage a rich experience of it. Yoga is a holiday from the rut.
(Photo: Lululemon Athletica)

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