Tuesday, December 2, 2014

'surprising, smart, and thoroughly enjoyable inquiry'

My How to Think About Exercise is coming out in the United States in January, and some advance praise is in.

In the American Library Association's Booklist, Donna Seaman writes:
Australian philosopher Young seeks to expand our often dim view of exercise in this surprising, smart, and thoroughly enjoyable inquiry. He looks first to the ancient Greeks, for whom exercise was “a way to savor their full humanity.” This leads to Young’s keen, anecdotal, vigorously referenced analysis of the “psychological rewards, and ethical virtues” of exercise, namely reverie, pride, sacrifice, beauty, humility, pain, and consistency, as well as the sublime and “oneness.” [...] With readings of David Hume and John Dewey, practical advice, and tales of his own fitness pursuits offered as both illustrative examples and comic relief, Young profoundly deepens our perception of the benefits of “intelligent exercise”...
(Illustration: Everkinetic)

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