Thursday, October 30, 2014

Engagement: Out Now

My new academic collection, edited with Graham Priest, is out now: Philosophy and the Martial Arts: Engagement

Published by Routledge, it's the first of its kind: a series of essays exploring the relationship between martial arts and philosophy, written by and for professional philosophers (and postgraduates). You can read more at the Routledge site, but here are the chapters:
Introduction: Philosophy and the Martial Arts (Priest & Young) 
Part 1: From Philosophy to the Martial Arts  
1. The Promise and the Peril of Martial Arts (Simon Roberts-Thomson)
2. Practicing Evil: Training and Psychological Barriers in the Martial Arts (Gillian Russell)
3. Martial Arts and Moral Life (Sylvia Burrow)
4. The Martial Arts as Philosophical Practice (Henry Martyn Lloyd) 
Part 2: From the Martial Arts to Philosophy  
5. Understanding Quality and Suffering through the Martial Arts (Steve Bein)
6. Is Proprioceptive Art Possible? (Markus Schrenk)
7. A Sublime Peace (Ross Barham)
8. On Self-Awareness and the Self (Koji Tanaka)
9. Mushin and Flow: An East-West Comparative Analysis (Kevin Krein and Jesús Ilundain)  
Part 3: Buddhism and other Asian Philosophical Traditions  
10. Ahimsa, Buddhism, and the Martial Arts: A Soteriological Consequentialist Approach to Understanding Violence in Martial Practice (Richard Schubert)
11. The Martial Arts and Buddhist Philosophy (Graham Priest)
12. Bowing to Your Enemies: Courtesy, Budō and Japan (Damon Young)

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