Saturday, August 2, 2014

It's true: "grandmothers are loads of fun"

The literary editor of The Australian has an excellent write-up of kids' books this weekend.

In 'Wrath, greed, sloth ... and zaniness', Stephen Romei (with his son's help) details some corkers, including The Last Viking Returns, which sounds like enormous fun. (A dog called Wolverine wearing a colander helmet.)

Pig the Pug also sounds hilarious, in an 'I don't care about your niceties' kind of way.

Stephen also gives a nod to My Nanna is a Ninja, writing:
Shock tactics are the order of the day in My Nanna is a Ninja (UQP, $24.95), by Melbourne philosopher (and dad) Damon Young, with illustrations by Peter Carnavas. We’re told lots of nannas do lots of different and variously interesting things, but only one, it seems, dresses in stealthy black, carries a sword and is accompanied by a bemasked cat. That sword comes in exceptionally handy when there’s a watermelon to share — though I had to dissuade Syd from trying this at home. This is a lively book that reaffirms what every kid knows but adults tend to forget: grandmothers are loads of fun.
I can't argue with this. (By the way, if you want a copy of My Nanna is a Ninja, hang on - it's sold out across Australia, and is being reprinted. Huzzah.)

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