Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Melbourne Review Profile

Not thinking, squinting.
While I was in England, The Melbourne Review published a profile of me, written by Wendy Cavenett. Here's a sample:
Damon Young’s garden, where the bees currently swarm and delicate white flowers bloom and decay, offers a retreat or a reminder of life’s precarious state – the cycle of life and death that he is acutely aware of. Born 10 weeks premature, Young’s parents didn’t know if he would live or die. For many weeks, he was kept alive by a series of tubes in his side (he still has the scars there), and it was only when he started “ripping them out”, that the doctors told his parents that he would survive. 
Fast-forward almost 39 years, and Young’s fascination with mortality and its relationship to living a meaningful life – or “the good life” as he often says throughout our conversation – underpins much of his writings. 
(Photo: courtesy The Melbourne Review)

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