Thursday, May 15, 2014

Caveman fitness and other modern fashions

I'm interviewed in the new Men's Health magazine, talking about 'natural' fitness and diet movements.

Speaking with Ben Jhoty in 'Survival of the Fittest', I reflected on the modern urges that encourage a return to more 'primitive' pursuits. A sample:
In our secular society could followers of these systems be using exercise as a substitute for spirituality? At the very least the natural ethos adds a feel-good factor, says Damon Young, a Melbourne philosopher and author of How to Think About Exercise. "When we think of doing something natural," he says, "there's often a bit of morality smuggled in because we believe that if it's natural, it's good." Beyond that, Young's convinced that...the primal/natural imprimatur also helps eliminate choice. "It gives you the sense that you're doing something you were always meant to do."
(Photo: Erwan Le Corre, courtesy of Paleo Pulse)

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