Monday, March 10, 2014

Sweating and somersaults: some recent reviews

2014 has been busy. 

Alongside the "full catastrophe" of family and writing (and getting ready for next month's Europe trip), I've two books out at once: How to Think About Exercise and My Nanna is a Ninja.


Here are some recent reviews for each:

How to Think About Exercise
"A new book has a different message that might nudge reluctant exercisers into moving more. In How to Think about Exercise, Australian philosopher and writer Damon Young argues that exercise isn't just a workout for heart, muscle and bone, but also a way to help the mind and the spirit thrive." - The Sydney Morning Herald
"In pithy, accessible prose, Young offers up a new mantra for intelligent exercise -- not 'just do it' but 'just become it'." - The Age
My Nanna is a Ninja
"Nannas are soft, cosy creatures who bake biscuits and drink tea, aren't they? Not in this book, which takes its cues from martial arts action figures. Far from sitting sedately in her armchair, the sprightly nanna here busts some serious moves (alongside her cat, also disguised). Celebrating difference in simple rhymes, it's a funny look at challenging stereotypes." - The Age/Sydney Morning Herald 
" well as the laugh-out-loud humour that explodes from every page, this is also a very clever reminder that grandparents come in all shapes and sizes, and that each 'version' has something special to offer." - Kids' Book Review
"This is a tale full of the love of life, despite how you look or act, despite what others do and expect of you. The love and companionship between a child and his grandmother is all that matters, not what they wear or do." - Readplus  
I also have a short story in Angela Meyer's collection The Great Unknown. I've noted a couple of nice reviews here.

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