Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy fifth birthday Sophia

On Friday, Sophia turned five.

She has been five, it seems, for some time: at least since she started wearing her school uniform, in fidgety readiness for next year.

Her reading, maths, motor and social skills are excellent. She is articulate and crafty and bookish.

But equally mature -- and perhaps discomfiting -- is her sense of commitment.

Sophia is wholeheartedly devoted to this world, and to her own particular way of occupying it. (I say 'occupying' rather than just 'being', as Sophia likes to takes charge.) She has seemed older since she was born.

I'm not certain how these two kinds of maturity will work at school. I'm certain it will be memorable.

Happy birthday, my lovely girl. Thank you for all the giggles and debates.

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