Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Me time" and the life on foot

Me time: for holding cups
I had a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald's 'Life and Style' today, 'Is 'me time' a selfish pursuit?'.

I'm talking about what the Romans called 'otium' -- free time -- and revealing its value: developing the self. A sample:
“me time” is neither trivial nor necessarily costly. What makes it valuable is not its price tag or popularity. Its worth is existential: “me time” is for care of the self. This is selfish, not because it thieves from others, but because it sees the self as an adventure: something to keep revising and refining. 
At its best, this adventure is no egotistical conceit: by developing ourselves, we have more to give others. With regular “me time” we are stronger, more lucid, courageous or aware of our own flaws. At the very least, we are simply more sane.
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Ruth also has an essay in the new Island magazine, on walking: 'The Life on Foot'.

It comes after a long period of not walking; of putting up, maddeningly, with the sedentary sluggishness of illness.

You can read her essay, and her broader reflections, here.

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Jill in a Box said...

I enjoyed the "me time" article. I found it both soothing and stimulating. Thank you.