Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Eighth Birthday Nikos

Ladies and gentlemen, this barefoot dancing seven-year-old is now an eight-year-old.

When this photo was taken, at Genelg in Adelaide, Nikos was counting down the days to his birthday.

That day is today, and our boy has celebrated in typical style: with Lego, chocolate, Lego and some European plastic building blocks.

Two years since I suggested naming him 'Farber' (maker), Nikos's building has become even more manic. Blu-tac, cardboard, paper, glue, wood, nails, staples, paperclips: the stuff of his dreams. We have stocked a desk in the shed with building materials and tools, and under his bed is a tub of pencils, pens, markers, paper and miscellaneous fiddly bits.

Meanwhile he reads like a textual demon, sucking the élan vital from ink on paper: book after book after book, like a chain-smoker -- except...er...healthily.

Speaking of which, time to kick the football. (Yes, you heard me. Shut it. My next book's on exercise.)

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