Monday, September 30, 2013

Facial hair on a woman: to tell or not to tell?

I was back on ABC Radio National's Life Matters today, with our regular 'Modern Dilemmas' segment. I was joined by clinical psychologist Sally McCormack, and our host was Natasha Mitchell.

Here's the dilemma:
Facial hair on a woman:  Do you have too much of it? Perhaps you know a friend with a lot of facial hair? Have you been embarrassed when someone has pointed out your stray chin hairs?  Is it rude to tell your friend she is sporting a couple of whiskers on her chin? 
Our Life Matters listener we’ll call ‘uncomfortable’ is in a dilemma about telling a friend with deteriorating eyesight that she has facial hair.
But the program was really about social norms, the body, ageing and friendship. You can listen here.

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chillcat said...

Sorry to breeze in - just saw you listed on Rae Fenton's blog and smiled at this link. Emma Donoghue wrote a great short story on this theme. Called 'Pluck' (don't laugh), it's in her collection 'Touchy Subjects'. Interesting posts here! Ciao, cat