Thursday, July 11, 2013

FlexiWar: a modest proposal...

The 'Reaper': you too could fly one
I had a column -- or, rather, my doppelganger in the Staypuft Institute had a column -- with the ABC yesterday: 'FlexiWar: a modest proposal for liberalised by governable Australia'.

Senior Strategist Young is arguing that a good war, and modern conscription, will make Australia simultaneously more liberal and more governable. What an erudite and eloquent fellow:
New conscription policies can also benefit from this revolution, ensuring high public support and governability. For example, one of the most innovative possibilities of 21stC conscription is achievable using existing technology: the introduction of individual technological proxies for citizen nodes.
Citizens who choose to do their patriotic duty in other essential areas - governance, finance, mining, for example - can purchase an aerial drone proxy. For a modest amount - starting at $20,000, for example, and indexed as the war progresses - the drone proxy will fly sorties on the citizens' behalf. These plans can be scaled by purchase price: from the standard replacement model, to a deluxe package including realtime monitoring of sorties, and - with proper training units - operation of the drone by smartphone. 
Advertising projects can couple this scheme with age-specific language and brands (e.g. 'Patriotism? There's an app for that', 'shock and awesome'). 
For those less motivated citizens on lower salaries, drone plans can be purchased with non-transferrable 'duty credits', given after every successful tour. This will not only avoid claims of socioeconomic exclusion, but also give citizens incentives to work harder. 
This exemplary 21stC scheme might be marketed as 'FlexiWar' (perhaps more fashionably for younger consumers: 'iPatriot').
(Photo: P. Ridgeway)

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