Thursday, April 4, 2013

The curious pleasure of cleaning

I've a column with Life and Style today, 'The curious pleasure of cleaning'.

As the title suggests, I'm revealing the aesthetic and collaborative rewards of a little tidying-up. A sample:
For couples living divided days - between domesticity and career, or two different jobs - this is also chance to simultaneously get into the same 'zone', and perhaps to reject some dodgy gender stereotypes about domestic labour. "There's no greater libido-killer," as The Divided Heart author Rachel Power recently put it, "than fatigue and resentment." 
The point is not that we ought to tidy up; that there is some ethical duty to put blocks in trunks. The point is that neatening is not always as pedantic or dull as it might seem. Particularly for parents, it is a chance to transform the unfinished, untidy ambiguity of home into something finished and perhaps fine—and to do so together, after hours apart.

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