Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Life is a laboratory" - The School of Life @ Etsy

You may've noticed The School of Life popping up in my blog now and then: the Epicurean conversation feast, and philosophical gardening with Proust.

I'm also writing a book on exercise for Pan Macmillan UK's 'School of Life' series.

The School of Life began in London, but recently finished a ten week pilot in Melbourne. If you'd like to know more, head over to the Etsy blog. In 'A Visit to the School of Life', writer and letterpress printer Carolyn Fraser gives an excellent introduction to the School's beginnings and ambitions. Here's a taster:
I ask Damon Young, philosopher and one of the School’s founding faculty, what sets The School of Life apart from other institutions teaching philosophy. He says, “It takes the best of the university – that is, the big ideas – and then combines them with the intimate realm of people’s lives, about love or anxiety or travel or gardening. It has a very strong practical focus and also a domestic focus which really appeals.” .[...] Life is a laboratory, Damon suggests. The School of Life provides a framework that highlights the improvisational, experimental nature of existence. 

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