Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beyond the Hill's hoist...

The famous Hill's hoist washing line
I missed a review of Philosophy in the Garden, published earlier this year in The Weekly Times.

In a short but elegant review, Shaunagh O'Connor writes that my "intriguing little book" challenges us to look past our commonsense ideas of gardens.

"Young helps readers reflect on the value of the garden," O'Connor writes, "beyond a place to hold the backyard barbecue or place the Hill's Hoist." (For overseas readers, see photo).

Couldn't agree more.

(Photo: Nick Carson).


sister outlaws said...

As a mother of five I spend a lot of time at the hills hoist, looking up to the sky and reflecting on all sorts of things. I love the shadows it creates on my hand dyed textiles and bright woollens. Wow. I just realised that I love my hills hoist - what an elegant and brilliant design it is. I also love my huge apple tree and aprocot tree - but the hills hoist fact - I'm off out there now. Your book sounds wonderful.

Damon Young said...

Thanks, SA.

Our HH is broken, sadly. It's the right shape, but it doesn't go up and down any more. I regularly 'clothesline' myself.

I have a soft spot for clotheshorses. Particularly simple wooden ones. Find a sunny spot; unfold; and dry.