Monday, December 3, 2012

Caring for grandkids: yes or no?

I had my usual 'Modern Dilemmas' gig today, on ABC Radio National's 'Life Matters'. Natasha Mitchell was hosting, and Nina Funnell was my fellow guest.

Today we were talking about grand-parents: should they be expected to care for their grand-children while the parents are at work?

My short answer was 'no', particularly for women, who've looked after others their whole lives: they deserve hours to themselves. And their 'me time'--education, travel, craft, and so on--can benefit the whole family.

Having said this, I also recognised the benefits of grand-parenting: for kids and their grand-parents. It's important to know what rewards might be forsaken.

You can listen here.

During the program, I mentioned Goethe and "many-sidedness". You can read more about both here.

(Photo: Catherine Scott)


Philosophy in the Garden (left, in Dymocks) also did an ABC radio tour of Australia today: 891 Adelaide's Drive with Michael Smyth, Afternoons on 720 Perth with Rachel Fountain, and West Australia's Drive with Barry Nicholls. 

Tomorrow I'll be talking to Philip Adams on Late Night Live.

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