Monday, November 5, 2012

Friend or carer?

I had my usual 'Modern Dilemmas' gig today, on ABC Radio National's 'Life Matters'. Natasha Mitchell was hosting.

Bobby has become friends with a woman with acquired brain injury, who is not good with money, and may soon be homeless. Bobby wants to help, but doesn't want the friend sleeping in a car in her driveway, or taking showers in the home. What to do?

You can listen here.

During the conversation, I spoke of Brain Injury Australia, which has a list of state organisations to contact, and other important information. I also mentioned crisis accommodation, which is detailed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

(Photo: Tobias Wolter)

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Rolly Christian said...

Good morning Damon,

I had a listen to the Life Matters show as linked. Thanks.

However one wishes to define "friendship" I am grateful that we have an ultimate truth definition to consider for comparison and contrast.

In Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan he stretches us right out of our comfort zone. From reciprocity or nice neighborly manners into the potential of positive world changers.

This is God's realm, the Kingdom and He invites us to smash past the likely, the rationally expectable and walk into a new love driven reality.

Rest assured the secular government's arm is only so long. If you put your faith in a government to restore damaged lives you will be disappointed.

In the meantime thank God some people do take the "Good Samaritan" message at face value as Jesus intended.

A little good news update.