Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy seventh birthday Nikos

Four score and seven...-

No. Wait. Just seven.

Seven years ago, this jumper was born. And he has not stopped moving since: wriggling while reading, fiddling with utensils, running in parks, ice-skating, scootering on cracked footpaths.

As I speak, he's making new Avengers Lego on the floor--and his feet are curling and wiggling as he reads and builds.

Happy seventh birthday Nikos, my marvellous fidgeter.

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tekoantalk said...

I have a daughter who turned 14 just last week, not so much a jumper but a drawer & painter although the kids have a trampoline which gets a bit of use, even for reading,sunbaking & chatting.

Amazing how something so small & fragile can develop, grow & mature.