Saturday, September 15, 2012

WOT NO LUDVIG VAN LOL: trolls as e-droogs

I've been quoted in the Fairfax press today, on internet trolls. In 'Modern-day droogs are free to roam', Deborah Snow and James Manning explore the causes and possible remedies for nasty trolling. Here's how Deborah quoted me:
The Melbourne philosopher and author Damon Young has felt the heat of trolling assaults and says sometimes the only defence is withdrawal.
"'Technology gives them the means to back-slap each other, these little hives of buzzing trolls supporting each other's delusions about who the enemy is,'' he says. ''But you can't outlaw malice. 
''All the internet is going to do is amplify what's already there in human nature, the envy and the malice but also the generosity and the pity and the sweetness that people have. 
''For everyone who's been trolled there are hundreds supporting them, who have their back.'' 
If you'd like a fuller account of my opinions on trolls, particularly the role of malice, see my recent column, 'Malicious web trolls are petty, broken human beings'.

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