Saturday, September 22, 2012

The artist as philosopher?

R.G. Collingwood
After yesterday's droll trip into the land of satire, back to philosophy proper--well, a taste of it.

I've been quoted in an artsHub article on the artist Sunny Leunig (who describes himself as a 'Magosopher'), 'The artist as a philosopher'.

Big questions for a short article, but I tried to sketch out the states and common territories of philosophy and art. A sample:
Dr Damon Young, philosopher and author, and Honorary Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne says, ‘Art doesn't necessarily get anything from philosophy. But philosophy can help in two ways: it can provide material (i.e. powerful or precise ideas) and it can help to discipline one's mind.’
‘One of the greatest dangers to art is what the philosopher R.G. Collingwood called "corruption of consciousness". It's a refusal to look carefully, to see clearly -a flight from the truth. Philosophy can toughen up one's consciousness, so to speak, and get one used to perceiving bravely.’
(Photo: Editura Herald)

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