Friday, September 21, 2012

Gay Marriage, Polygamy and Bestiality: Why Cory Bernardi is Absolutely Right

I've my regular ABC column up today, 'The fight for common sense'.

I'm defending the views of Senator Cory Bernardi (left), who has convincingly demonstrated the links between gay marriage, polygamy and bestiality.

It is time for all men of good conscience to stand behind Mr. Bernardi, who has shown unusual insight and courage in his spirited defence of heterosexual marriage.

A sample:
Bernardi is, of course, totally correct - the kind of complete epistemological perfection that comes from the "fight for common sense". In the generous light of this sense, his argument does not need support from others. His argument stands on its own, a lone anchor in an ocean of ménages à trois and puppy love. 
Nonetheless, it is worth noting, simply for the public record, that there is an extraordinary amount of empirical evidence on this issue.  
Every single country, state, territory and municipality that has legalised gay marriage has moved automatically to polygamy and bestiality. We are, as the Bible makes very clear, fallen souls: crooked timber, which no Enlightenment shibboleths can make straight. And for this reason, whenever and wherever we have the chance to gratify our filthy desires for multiple spouses and horse amours, we do. Only "the rule of law and Judeo-Christian values" can stop us. This is why there are no incidences of polygamy and bestiality in those very Judeo-Christian American states, like Utah, in which gay marriage is illegal. 
Forget fashionable latté-left fantasies about equality and love: the data is 100 per cent correct - the kind of verity Tony Abbott rightly called "the gospel truth".
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AViale said...

Thank you Dr Young. It's almost unbelievable to find a young person with such deep understanding of us humans. I'll leave the same thank you note I sent to Senator Bernardi:

"From the bottom of our hearts we thank you Senator Bernardi, for standing up for morals and values and defending our normal way of life. It's been years, maybe decades, since we saw anyone show such courage in public office. You have the support of the majority of the people, not just from this country, but the world. We hope you are aware of that. We remember the days when democracy meant the voice of the majority. These days we are governed by minorities. Anyone with any aberrant or deviant behaviour has more rights than the majority of us. It's hard to believe we still live in a democracy. Examples like yours help us through our day to day lives. Thanks again and please never back down. These days anyone can take everything away from you, except for your word and who you are. That's all we've got left, all that is worth fighting for.

Warm regards,


ravensmarch said...

Two non-sequiturs occur to me:

- I believe someone declared irony dead as a result of the famous terrorist actions in September 2001.

- I imagine that there is, but cannot think of, a Mormon word for "fatwa".