Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blogging: good, bad and ugly

Not blogging, hacking - but a great photo
My column in today's Canberra Times looks into blogging: 'Good, the bad and the ugly: the blog's here to stay.'

I'm discussing the pros and cons of blogging, particularly for writers. A sample:
[B]logging combines the illusion of completeness with editorial freedom and instantaneity. In this, it's a chance for us to be hoist with our own petard. 
None of this is a problem for disciplined, careful, sympathetic bloggers - the technology won't force them to be otherwise. It might not be neutral, but it certainly isn't villainous. On the contrary: the blog is an exciting, valuable medium. It expands the franchise of mass writing - the trick is to make this new liberty count. 
(Photo: Brandon Harris at the Berlin Hackathon, by Guillaume Paumier)

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Claudia Grant said...

I like the roughness of blogs. They are so raw. It's great some blogs can rise to a high quality level, but I hope the weird, the crazy, the unique always has a place. Blogs are very real, they shouldn't become mini magazines.

If I want polished edited pieces I will go to a book, magazines, reputable website. Every medium has its place.

Blogging for me is a place to test out writing. The more you do it, the better you get and the more you figure out what works. It's like a writers notebook I share with strangers. I don't worry too much about each post being perfect.