Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reframe @ Readings Books

Last night I spoke at Readings Carlton with author Eric Knight about his new book Reframe.

Knight, a former Rhodes scholar and consultant to the OECD, is a problem-solver. He discusses, amongst other things, terrorism and the Iraq/Afghanistan invasions, illegal immigration, and climate change.

Rather than coming up with one-size-fits-all solutions, Knight believes that communities can solve their own problems - given the right information and resources.

What gets in the way is not necessarily diminished intelligence, poor education or skewed values, but simple psychological quirks, which stop us thinking about the issues clearly. We focus on the most obvious, short-term or dramatic symptoms (like terrorists with guns, or border control), rather than on the less exciting physiology behind it all (like alienation or discontent with deindustrialisation and poverty). To use Knight's metaphor, we look for the shiny thing, then blow it up with a magnifying glass.

A very clear and optimistic book, available at Readings Books in Victoria (at a special price), and all good bookshops.


Elisabeth said...

Thanks for this Damon. Knight's book sounds terrific. I also heard you speak on the Philosopher's Zone on Monday. It was so enlightening. You spoke so well. I enjoyed the interview immensely and found it very helpful, which has to be an enormous bonus.

Damon Young said...

Thanks, Elisabeth. Alan Saunders is a very engaged, erudite interviewer - a pleasure to chat to.