Thursday, January 19, 2012

Astrology: an odd mix of humility and arrogance

I've my regular ABC column up today, 'Astrology: an odd mix of humility and arrogance'.

I'm exploring why folks gravitate (haw haw) to astrology, and why this is a mistake. A sample:
Astrology fails as science and existential commitment. It cannot predict or control the physical world – except perhaps providing an income for astrologers. It cannot encourage liberty of consciousness, since it gives responsibility for character to distant cosmic bodies: I am Leo, forever fixed by the stars. Meow. This is classic bad faith.
(Photo: French engraving of an Egyptian depiction of the sky and divinities, courtesy of the US Library of Congress)


Philosophy and Life said...

It struck me that what you say of the stars could almost as equally be said of our genes, and yet genelogy is a respectable science, as astrology once was, of course. Wonder what that says about the future.

Damon Young said...

Thanks, Mark. That's a very good point. I presume you'd distinguish between genetics and genealogy?