Saturday, December 31, 2011

The night in which all minds are black

I've a column in today's Age, 'Revelling without a cause can leave you low in spirit'.

One of this season's discoveries has been Stilton cheese and shiraz. How did that take me thirty-six years to discover?

But alcohol is not necessary for good celebration.  In fact, it's often proof that our parties are dull, pointless and just a little desperate.

On New Year's Eve, I argue that we might plan for a sober night, even if we enjoy it with a tipple.  A sample:
Many end-of-year revels are a process of double deferral. First, deferral to the crowd: the ''where it's happening'', which will provide the joy missing for most of the year. 
Second, and because this frequently fails, deferral to the bottle: a quick way to veil the worst, and embroider the best. Either way, it is a refusal to trust oneself to provide the conditions for happiness, and to cope when these are lacking.
(Photo: Daily Mail)

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