Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Third Birthday Sophia

Sophia was born with an intense, interrogative gaze.

And now that mucky, bloody baby is three: a red-cheeked, mule-willed delight.

Nietzsche wrote that the secret of his happiness was a Yes, a No, a straight line and a goal.

Sophia has plenty of Yes (fairies, fish 'n' chips, armed violence, strawberry milkshakes, alphabet songs) and No ("green stuff", the skinny barista at one local cafĂ©, Things Her Parents Ask, the letter 'J').  There are straight lines, accompanied by the stomp of tiny feet (in silver fairy shoes).

The goal is nascent, but may include dessert and Dora.

Happy birthday my lovely, and thank you for all the wrestles and lessons.


yvettekinns said...

Did Sophia get her present?

Damon Young said...

She did indeed, Yvettekins. And thanks. It came alongside gifts from her playgroup friends, which included lipstick, high heels, nail polish, and lots of jewellery!

Did you get yours?