Saturday, December 3, 2011

And the winner is...

Not long ago, I announced the 'win a signed copy of Distraction' competition.

It was a tough competition, with many nods and sniggers.  But in the immortal words of Connor McLeod, 'Rrraaaaaaaaaagh.' And also: 'There can be only one.'

The winner is Suzie Cardwell (@suziecardwell), with her eerily familiar sentiment: Three year old yelling 'Mummy', five year old screaming 'Muuuum', husband shouting 'Darling...'. Greatest distraction? The mixed blessing of being needed.

Suzie will now receive a schmick, signed copy of the UK edition of Distraction.

Honourable mentions go to: Denis Wright, Malyn, Keir, Lou Pollard and Diane Simonelli.

Thanks for entering folks, and see you (undistracted) on the interwebzorz...

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