Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Dream Job (and ice cream)

Living the dream: philosopher and
ice-cream during a recent trip to
Brisbane's GoMA
I've a profile in this Weekend Australian's 'Professional' lift-out, 'The challenge of spreading ideas'.

In a 'Dream Job' conversation with Julia Stirling, I talk about the quirks, challenges and rewards of my career in philosophy, and how they fit with parenthood.

It's only published in print, but here's a grab.

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Malyn said...

seems more like a 'dream life' than just a 'dream job'.

being able to balance those which matter most at the time (or ever) is an important element of happiness. (apropos, would you say values change over time? tweet out please and ping me - bet there are others interested as well).

my husband and I have made similar choices - neither of us are writers but we've opted for more family time together in lieu of higher pay. ours is a dream life, rather than a dream job. perhaps you have both.