Saturday, November 5, 2011

15 Aphorisms - November 2011

Friedrich Nietzsche, whose aphoristic
economy did not apply to
his moustache
More fresh aphorisms for this month, courtesy of my Twitter feed.
  1. The worst arguments involve at least six: you and I, and the caricatures we make of ourselves and each other.
  2. The cliche: a verbal uniform, which helps us blend in with the crowd.
  3. Doubt is an ongoing struggle: making sure skepticism doesn't become cynicism or stubborn myopia.
  4. What people call 'spirituality' is often hatred of matter disguised as love.
  5. Sometimes we fail to anthropomorphise other humans. The result: bad fiction and stereotypes.
  6. 'Having it all' can be an unfortunate euphemism for 'expanding one's repertoire of obedience'.
  7. One of the cardinal virtues of the novel: meeting minds normally concealed by etiquette, shyness or obscurity. For example: Elinor Dashwood.
  8. What's most saddening about many supernatural beliefs is the contempt they have for the 'merely' natural.
  9. The problem with nationalism: its most vocal defenders often fail to exemplify the best in their country.
  10. T.S. Eliot once said of poetry: 'It takes up less space.' Yes, but only on the page. In the mind it grows exponentially.
  11. Religion's metaphysical thievery: robbing nature to pay the supernatural.
  12. Vocal self-hatred: fans who denigrate unfashionable celebrities for being 'unknown'.
  13. Jean-Paul Sartre: a novelist who mistook his autobiography for philosophy.
  14. Advertisers selling anti-bacterial soaps: opportunistic parasites.
  15. For some, philosophy is about justice - trying to recover what they were robbed of: the Great Whole of childhood, womb or...

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