Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twits Are as Twits Do

Steven Fry and tweep
I've a piece in today's Sydney Morning Herald, 'Holding thoughts to the minimum'.

Twitter-n00b that I am, I'm investigating the rewards and dangers of tweeting - its contributions to wit and sharp prose, for example, and the threat of distraction.  A sample:
Like all technologies, Twitter is no simple cause. It can be used to sharpen blunt prose or bolster one's vulgar opinions. It can promote new friendships or aid intercontinental bullying. Most pressingly, it can distil experience into fine phrases, or it can dilute experience with distraction. 
The vital thing is recognising its value and using it judiciously - to enhance consciousness rather than weaken it. Twits are as twits do.
(Photo: Anorak News)

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genevieve said...

Bad tweets as 'red cordial to an antsy mind' that's good!