Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Obedient Wives Club

I've a piece on the ABC today, 'God, Man and the Obedient Wives Club'.

I'm exploring the dangers of smuggling very human impulses and ideas into an untouchable 'God'.  A sample:
humour me for a moment, and imagine this: there is no God. There is no great ontological referee of your sex sessions, no divine carnal umpire. If this is true, the Islamic Sex manual is not about obeying God, but about obeying men. This is not worship of divinity, but biological and psychological satisfaction (for one partner at least): human, all too human lust, in other words. And it is even more human for its familiar combination of selfishness and self-righteousness: craving sexual subservience, but dressing it up as a religious crusade. This seems depressingly plausible: very worldly desire is given the unlikely euphemism, "God".
(Photo: Putra Mosque, by o b s k u r a)

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Emma Kirsopp said...

really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for sharing it here (and writing it!)