Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Sixth Birthday Nikos

Today our boy's six years old.  Perhaps we should've named him 'Faber', the maker.

This morning he put together the Arc de Triomphe, out of cardboard. Right now he's building an Egyptian tomb.

Sitting on his bed are a Roman sundial (to be excavated and glued), do-it-yourself hand-powered torch and robot, cardboard Medieval castle and more Lego.

Watching him cut, sort, glue, snap together and fold is a potent reminder of the pleasures of craft: how it rewards concentration and increasing skill, leading to the 'flow' Csikszentmihalyi describes.

As he moves from school to high school, to university and career, may he keep hanging onto this common (but sadly rare) contentment. Happy birthday, my maker.


Daniel Keating said...

six years? wow, time flies.

Damon Young said...

One must carpe the diem because the tempus is fugiting.

Unknown said...

Happy 6th Birthday, Nikos!!!!