Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Book of Jobs

I've a piece on the ABC today, 'Book of Jobs: electronic Eden not paradise for everyone'.

In light of Jobs' death, I'm assessing Apple's ambivalent achievements.  A sample:
Apple and Steve Jobs are not gods of visionary progress on one hand, or demons of evil capitalism on the other. They did not change the world – but they symbolise it nicely. They are, like much of life, profoundly ambivalent. It takes a certain maturity to recognise this horrible duality, without giving in to righteous worship or vilification. Not knowing Jobs, I'll not mourn him like an intimate, or pray at his urban temples. I simply recognise his worldly achievements, and the labour – his and others', creative and exploitative, sincere and cynical – that led to them.
(Photo: ABC)

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