Friday, September 23, 2011

Martial Arts, Children and Virtue

'Cage fighting' children, minus the cage.
Also known as 'Judo'.
Yesterday I spoke on ABC Brisbane 612 to novelist, author and broadcaster John Birmingham about children and martial arts.

What skills and lessons can the children come away with, and what can parents look out for?

And why are folks surprised that I, as a philosopher, studied Karate?  As I wrote in The Australian, the martial arts can be intensely philosophical.

You can listen to the interview here.

Meanwhile, in today's news, a kids' bout has been described as 'barbaric' - chiefly because it was held in a cage.

Parents, politicians and the media: it's not 'cage fighting', it's not gladiatorial savagery.  It's wrestling - exactly what countless boys and girls do all over the world, every day.  It involves patience, restraint and skill - and, I suspect, has a lower injury rate than football.

Relax, folks: as I've argued elsewhere, it's virtuous.  The boys will probably be less violent for it, not more.

(Photo: Marjon)

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