Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Author at Work #3

Another day at the office...

Sophia had a rare day-sleep yesterday.

Normally, she starts at about 5.30am and keeps going - chattering,  climbing, cutting-and-pasting, chattering, playing Lego/dolls/cars/farmyard/shops, drawing, dressing-up, chattering - until 6.30pm.

But yesterday, the whirlwind stopped spinning for an hour.

So I wrote an outline for the introduction of my next book.

It's a good example of what I've argued elsewhere: parenthood can be wonderfully disciplining.  No romantic anguish.  No indulgent idleness.  You grab the minutes when and where you can.  (Thanks, Sophia.)

And three cheers for the pram in the hall.


simmone said...

well I would love to read that! Have you read the idle parent by tom hodgkinson? (of the Idler) It has some good things in it I think about allowing kids more freedom and also training them to make you cups of tea in the mornings!

Damon Young said...

I read Hodgkinson's first book, but not the Idle Parent.

But, yes: training children to do chores is brilliant. Starting with cleaning up their own disasters with rice puffs, milk, Transformers and carpet.

Frances said...

It's hard for a parent to react positively to those extraordinary positive qualities, particularly when they are embodied in a little female.
Congratulations, Damon.

Rachel Power said...

Gotta love those stolen hours! Especially when you can gaze at their gorgeous sleeping faces between paragraphs.