Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wrestlers and Venus and Upside-Down

Yesterday I spoke at the Bendigo Library's 'Philosophy Night'.  I read from my chapter in Beating and Nothingness, and we had some good conversations in question time.

One audience member was happily surprised - she didn't expect a talk on 'martial arts' to be interesting or entertaining.

While in Bendigo, we dropped into the Bendigo Art Gallery, which has an excellent collection of paintings and sculptures.  'The Wrestlers' (above, left), for example, is a rippling, Victorian riff on an earlier Greek work.

Speaking of thighs, I also liked Cadorin's 'Venus Tying Her Sandal', particularly the smooth weight of her upper leg, and relaxed poise of her left arm.  She looks very comfortable in her own flesh.

While in Bendigo, we also dropped in to the Golden Dragon Museum, which has some fantastic Chinese artefacts from the mainland, and the goldfields.

We met the imperial dragon Loong, watched the goldfish in the Chinese garden, and Sophia (who was not in the best of moods) got to hang upside down.  Nothing to do with Chinese civilisation - it just kept her quiet for a few moments.

We are now back home, and will happily avoid buses for a little while.

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