Saturday, July 9, 2011

Take it like a man (Or: what I learned from Bob Ellis)

I'm allowed to punch you in the face.  Don't contact the police.  Why?

Well, for starters, because it's very common.  And it's been happening at bars, and in parties, for years.  Why stop now?

Also, it's just a bit of fun (for me, anyway).  You take yourself way too seriously.  What's a few bruises, a broken jaw, some screaming and eyeballing?  Boys will be boys.

And who are you, anyway?  Some stranger at a nightclub, or on the street.  I'm a Young Man of Promise.  If you contact the police, you'll be jeopardising my career.

Don't be such a bloody wowser.  Take it like a man.

Sound fair now?  Then you're in good company.


Daniel Fielding said...

Bob Elis seems to suggest that people should not accuse famous politicians, writers, film-makers and other people in the public-eye. or that, if accused, such famous people should not have to face the consequences. Which is an absurd idea. All people are equal, but some are "more equal", eh?
Then he suggests, without providing any evidence whatsoever, that there is a conspiracy afoot against people from the liberal-left of the political spectrum
His is just a poorly argued article.

Rachel Power said...

Yep. You've simmered Ellis's mad stew down till only the bare bones are exposed. Though I don't think he wants us to take it like a man. Men are allowed to defend themselves. Why can't we just take it like women used to do in the good ol' days?

I was re-watching the musical 'Oliver' the other day. There's a song about looking on the bright side sung by a prostitute. One of her lines is: "You can always cover one while he blacks the other one." See, that's the attitude! Oh, thems were the days...