Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kickboxing Girls and Childless Women

In the past couple of days, footage of young girls in the kickboxing ring has invited controversy.

John Birmingham has a great column in the Fairfax newspapers today, defending kids' martial arts.

I'll not elaborate (as John's already quoted my views), but I particularly like John's description of parental pride.  A sample:
Many people will have shuddered in horror watching those two young kickboxers smash into each other. I totally get that. It is a confronting sight. But what I saw was two young girls learning to impose their will during a chaotic and violent confrontation, to draw upon their training, and learning eventually, to safeguard themselves. If I was their parent, I could not be more proud of them, no matter what the outcome of the contest.
(Image: Channel 9)


Speaking of gender, also check out Clem Bastow's thoughtful piece on not having children (yet).

It says a great deal about our expectations of women that she has to write this at all.

For the record, having children can be one of the pinnacles of life - not for women, but for people.

One problem is that it's become a 'women's issue', and transformed into a pink stick to beat women over the head with.  But as I've argued elsewhere, kid-wrangling is something for men and women to grow into together, and with.

And they need to do so in their own time (insofar as this is biologically possible), not when it suits their peers.

(Photo: Tom Andriaenssen)


Reservoir Dad said...

Well said. Have just shared it with The Mentally Sexy Page and twitter.

Damon Young said...

Thanks, RD. Some of the 'anti-violence' comments are predictably aggressive.