Monday, June 27, 2011

Grazia Magazine on Kickboxing

I've a short comment in the latest Grazia magazine (4/7/11, p.15), in 'Scandal of the kickboxing little girls'.

Following up my emails to John Birmingham, I've defended John Wayne Parr's decision to promote his daughter's recent fight.

I'm quoted as making the negative case: that martial arts are safer than they seem, and often involve less injuries than many 'feminine' pursuits, like ballet.

But I also made the positive case: that martial arts encourage a number of important virtues. I don't have a link, but if you want to read more:

- The Age, on the virtues of Mixed Martial Arts (here).

- The Sydney Morning Herald, on the educational importance of martial arts (here and here).

- The Australian, on the philosophical value of martial arts (here).

(Photo: Courier Mail)


Emma Kirsopp said...

She will never feel she has to rely on another for her sense of security. I think there could only be positive impacts from that.

That is a terrific photo too! You know the future is in safe hands when that little girl grows up.

Damon Young said...

Yes, there's a real strength of character in this photo.

I hope it continues as she matures.