Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Am Mr. Darcy

Ruth just gave me this fantastic t-shirt, from Brookish on Etsy.

It certainly fits my pride, conceit and tactlessness.

It also provokes a profound philosophical question:
If I'm Mr. Darcy, how will I seduce Anne Elliot?


Gondal-girl said...

sexy, I shall get one for my better half
(you are nicer than Mr Darcy, but that is not a sexy slogan)

Damon Young said...

"Nicer than Mr. Darcy." No, doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

What about: "This is Mr. Darcy's wet t-shirt."

Gondal-girl said...

I think "I am Heathcliff" is more my cup of tea - but then I would have to wear it as it is Cathy that says it. Absolutely, Heathcliff, the boat floater

ps congrats on best Australia blog nominee too

Damon Young said...

The nomination's nothing. It's winning that's something!

Gondal-girl said...

specially when one can nominate oneself - I didn't know about it, I vote for you!