Friday, January 14, 2011

Turn video games into more than child's play

I've a piece in today's Sydney Morning Herald, 'Turn video games into more than child's play'.

In the holidays, portable gaming consoles are ubiquitous in cafes, cars.  No doubt it keeps the kids busy, and gives parents a minute's peace.

I've no problem with video games, but it's good to keep the problems in mind.  A sample:
Video games are not evil. They don't need banning or other draconian measures. On the contrary, they can be fun, bonding, educational and challenging. Some children are undoubtedly learning more from Grand Theft Auto than from their classrooms.
What's vital is recognising the console's limitations, and ensuring its virtues don't become vices - that private concentration doesn't degenerate into isolation, nimble problem-solving into lazy absorption, challenge into addiction.
The games are in the hands of kids - and the kids are in ours. Both can be handled wisely.
(Photo: Yohan Euan o4)

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